Jeonju Hanok Village




Do you like enjoying and experiencing traditional Korean gourmet?


Then, you definitely need to visit Jeonju Hanok Village at Jeonju-si in Jeonbuk. The Village is famous for getting to know traditional korea in depth along with modern culture.


Recently, the members of Link4wish visited Hanok Village and on the very day, there were many visitors as the place has been reported to be one of the best places to observe local culture and tradition along with typical Korean food in many of the top rated TV programs, magazines and also over the internet.


If you wish to visit Hanok Village, we recommend you to either take the subway or the bus even if you own a car as the parking can be troublesome since there is limited parking space and the streets are covered with visitors.



KakaoTalk_20141120_093125946   stores in the market selling Hanboks


In Jeonju Hanok Village we obsereved that one can experience making dough out of clay and then moulding it into various shapes as they desire. Also, if one wishes to experience dressing up in traditional korean wear “Hanbok” then there are lots of stores offering it on rent for reasonable price. Many youngsters could be seen dressed up in Hanbok and clicking selfies all day long as it was a totally new experience for them. In any case you wish to purchase the dress then you can walk a little further towards the nearby market and purchase it in any color or style that you like.

Traditional architectural houses reminded us of ancient Korea and how people lived their life in those era. It also briefly describes the history and makes you want to learn more about their culture and extend your visit. The never ending shops alongside the roads selling souvenirs of various kinds, resturants offering traditional foods would make you want to buy and try everything that is available.



KakaoTalk_20141120_011245801Variety Food on the street 

Out of many foods sold out either in the streets or in the resturants, we highly recommend you to try Bibimbap as it is the speciality of the Jeonju Village, It is a bit pricey compared to the bibimbaps available elsewhere but it is definitely worth the price. Also, another must try would be the strawberry sticky rice cake whose taste is as amazing as it sounds.








KakaoTalk_20141120_011008799Foods in the restaurants alongside the market

If you intend to visit, you should at least spend half a day as 2 -3 hours wouldn’t be enough to stroll around the markets, observe the traditional houses and also try their amazing korean foods, Overall, it is a must visit place not only for foreigners but to Koreans as well as it is such a place where one can not only observe and experience the traditional lifestyle but also indulge into it.






Traditional architectural houses and things used by people in the past 


written by Prazee

Photo by Dasom

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