Sympathy for Lady Vengeance(친절한 금자씨)




Imdb rated 7.7 for the movie Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Hangul: 친절한 금자씨; Chinjeolhan geumjassi; lit. “Kind-hearted Geum-ja”).According to Wikipedia Box office, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance opened in Korea on July 29, 2005 to blockbuster business, grossingUS$7,382,034 in its opening weekend and grossed a total of US$22,590,402 in South Korea alone. In terms of total admissions, it was the seventh biggest domestic release in Korea that year, and the eighth biggest overall with 3,650,000 tickets sold nationwide. It achieved great financial success.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance opened in limited release in two North American theatres on April 28, 2006 under the title Lady Vengeance. Inits opening weekend, it earned US$9,850 (US$4,925 per screen). It grossed US$211,667 during its entire run, playing on 15 screens during its widest point and grossed US$23,809,504 worldwide.

This film is about seeking revenge against the real murderer and film opens with Lee Geum-Ja (Lee Young-Ae) is being released from prison after serving 13 years for kidnapping and murdering a 6 year old young boy, Won-Mo, which she falsely confessed in order to keep her own kidnapped daughter alive. The remainder of the film details Lee Guem-Jas seek for revenge the actual murderer and redemption.


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Conveying the image of a strong woman, this movie shows not only of seeking revenge but also of doing things alone independently. While she was in prison she makes a number of friends with her angelic, maternal behavior, donating a kidney to one inmate, tenderly caring for others and poisoning the prison bully. So her ex-cellmates from her time in prison help her to create a gun for her, whilst others offer her shelter, clothing and assistance in the drugging and kidnapping of Mr. Baek (Choi Min Sik). It also shows an example of female unity.





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