“Sanmotoonge Café”



“Sanmotoonge Café” located in Samcheong-Dong (삼청동) offers you the most tantalizing coffee and deserts with the peace of mind even in the busiest city of the world like Seoul. This place is very picturesque and calm. Since the café is located right at the hilltop and the view is magnificent, you can feel like you are far away from hustle and bustle of the city.






This place is known as the filming location for one of the big hit drama in 2007 “Coffee Prince” casted by Yoon Eun-Hye, Gong Yoo and Lee Seon-Gyun. It’s a hit spot for those who love Korean drama and also for those who love nature.
The mixed group of Korean drama fans and nature loving crew of LINK4WISH, headed towards “Sanmotoonge Café”. in Samcheong-Dong (삼청동).








Way to go there

  1. Gyeongbok Palace Station (경복궁역) Exit No. 3, walk straight about 100 meters until you reach the 2nd bus stop. (check the electronic board, which indicate buses number 1020, 7022, 7212.)

  2. Board any of the 3 buses above (1020, 7022, 7212) and alight at Buam-Dong Community Service Centre 부암동주민센터. It will take roughly about 10 mins. a total 6 stops (including destination stop) before alighting.

  3. After alighting from the bus, try to locate this particular cafe.


Way to go to “Sanmotoonge Café”

Front gate of “Sanmotoonge Café”


Symbol of  “Sanmotoonge Café”  Yellow Beetle


Coffee making place

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View of basement

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Outside view

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View of 2nd floor

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You can find pictures and gallery in the basement


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